About Us

Vignettes from rest, routine, and rapture
An ode to the transient and the transcendent, INCA, derived from the word ‘Incarnation’, is a contemporary Indian brand with an easy, effortless aesthetic.
Founded by Amit Hansraj in October, 2020, INCA is sprinkled with ‘modern nostalgia’ underpinned by the joys of finding the extraordinary in the ordinary: Think Indian architecture and spaces that take you back to the ’50s, humble household objects that turn into treasured mementos, and an ever-present effervescence that permeates our daily routines.
Taking this narrative forward, our signature focuses on fluidity over form and tactility over the intangible while offering a refreshing reminder that the old or overlooked can metamorphose if placed in a new context or given a new way of thinking. Needless to say, at INCA, we’re searching for novelty in the unexpected and the mundane.
Our designs, thus, offer a refreshing optimism with their buoyant colors, ultra-soft, silken fabrics, and lush prints. All of this is accompanied by free-flowing, versatile cuts that look leisurely, time-tested craft techniques that are given a fresh spin, and a less-is-more philosophy that is deep-rooted in everything we do.
Above all, INCA is a labor of love.
Perhaps this is the reason why all our sartorial endeavors aim to offer timelessness for their wearers. We want our creations, often inspired by the beauty of the lesser-known, to become precious keepsakes. The result is a creative earnestness that punctuates all our collections — it’s like being on an adventure of a lifetime.